Launch Tidy TRIAX Campaign

April sees the beginning of the ‘Tidy Triax’ campaign with local schools, NIHE and DCC all involved in promoting the ‘Tidy Triax’ message. The Department for Social Development, Derry City Council and TRIAX NMT have been working together to reduce litter and increasing recycling within the area.


Over 60 litter bins have been sited within the area and Danielle Doherty of the NMT is working with DCC’s recycling officer in local schools. The Derry Journal have initiated a litter ‘hotline’ .

See Derry Journal.

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DSD Ministerial Visit

DSD Minister Margaret Richie visited Creggan Neighbourhood Partnership to view the work completed by students from local primary and secondary schools. The project Central @ 70 was funded through DSD NWDO.  The project aims to assist local schoolchildren and residents in visualising what Central Drive in Creggan might look like in the next decade.


Pupils discussed with DSD Minister Ritchie their views on what was needed within the Central Drive area and showed work they had completed.


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DRD Ministerial Visit to TRIAX

DRD Minister Conor Murphy visited the TRIAX area on Wednesday 19th September 2007, following an invitation from MLA Martina Anderson. The TRIAX Chairperson , Strategy Manager and the BBI Neighbourhood Management Team met with the Minister to discuss a number of issues. These included

  • Greenwalk Lights
  • Central Drive Regeneration Scheme
  • Lecky Road Flyover
  • Ring road/3rd Bridge at Letterkenny Road
  • Resident Parking – Bogside/Bishop St.

TRIAX presented the Minister with a brief on the Greenwalk Lights issue and the work of local representatives over 13 years to have it resolved. The Minister gave ‘solid commitments’ to address these issues and commented that he was awaiting proposals from NIHE on a solution to the Greenwalk Lights issue.


He spoke with a number of residents who explained the problems that the lack of lighting posed for them.

The Minister expressed the view that any reorientation of Central Drive would have to be on a cross departmental basis.

On the Flyover he agreed that that work should begin on an interim scheme to improve the visual appearance of the Flyover pending the development of a longer term strategy to deal with traffic management within the area. Conor Murphy also met a number of residents from the Lisfannon Park area and listened to their views on ‘resident parking’ schemes proposed for the area.


Gerry Quinn of Creggan Country Park also made a submission to the Minister relating to the adoption of roads within the park and other issues which fall within the remit of DRD.

See also: Derry Journal Article

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Brandywell Redevelopment

TRIAX facilitated Brandywell Properties’ (BPL) organisation of a Resident Information Day in the Long Tower Centre on Sunday 7th October 2007. BPL provided a CGI 3D walkthrough of the £13.5m proposed development which residents could view.

Around 70 residents attended over the course of the event. A plan of the development along with a FAQ document was also made available for residents to take away with them.

BBC Radio Foyle covered the meeting as did the Derry News.

The response from the overwhelmingly majority of residents was positive although they again raised concerns about parking. A vox pop by BBC Foyle with residents at the event showed them all to be supportive of the proposal.

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Action Plan Update

Triax are presently involved in developing the action plan. Download action plan here

Discussions are continuing with Derry City Council regarding agreement on a memorandum of understanding with respect to the Foyle Valley site.

Meetings have taken place with DRD Minister Conor Murphy regarding a number of issues within the area.  Details elsewhere within the site

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Neighbourhood Renewal is working says Hanson

A new retail park, offices and housing in North and West Belfast show that Neighbourhood Renewal is making a difference.

Speaking at a regeneration seminar in North Belfast, Social Development Minister David Hanson MP said: “There are many examples which show that Neighbourhood Renewal is beginning to gather pace. In North Belfast the Hillview Retail Park has been developed with £1.3 million assistance from DSD. In the west of the city new retail units and offices are planned for Lanark Way which will bring in private investment of £3.3 million. There are proposals to develop the former Lawnbrook Avenue Mill and to build up to 80 houses at Cupar Way and Lanark Way as well as 71 much needed new homes at Westrock/Brittons Parade.

“This remarkable rebirth could not have happened without the community working in concert with Government Departments and agencies,” he said.

Outlining his vision for Northern Ireland Mr Hanson said that he wanted to see a future where people have ownership and pride in their communities, where they feel safe and where they could fulfil their own potential and encourage the next generation.

“If Neighbourhood Renewal is to deliver fully on its commitments there must be real engagement between Government and the communities it serves. Local Partnerships which are being set up under Neighbourhood Renewal will provide both the vision and the action plans to address needs within communities. This is not an easy task. There are many challenges and obstacles and it would be easy to become disillusioned but we must continue as we know that real and long lasting gains await us.”

Keynote speakers at the seminar also included Dr Brendan Murtagh from the School of Planning at QUB; Geraldine McAteer, Chief Executive of West Belfast Partnership; and Jackie Redpath, Chief Executive of Greater Shankill Partnership.


1.The Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy ‘People and Place’ was published in June 2003 to close the gap between the quality of life for people in the most deprived neighbourhoods and the rest of society.

2.It has four interlinking strategic objectives:

  • Community Renewal – to develop confident communities that are able and committed to improving the quality of life in their areas.
  • Economic Renewal – to develop economic activity in the most deprived neighbourhoods and connect them to the wider urban economy.
  • Social Renewal – to improve social conditions for the people who live in the most deprived neighbourhoods through better co-ordinated public services and the creation of safer environments.
  • Physical Renewal – to help create attractive, safe and sustainable environments in the most deprived neighbourhoods.

3.For further information, contact the DSD Information Office on 028 9082 9496.

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