Flyover Clean-Up

TRIAX identified the Lecky Rd Flyover as a priority area for action. It remains a blight on the neighbourhood.  It has poor lighting on the walkway up to the Long Tower Chapel, graffiti, broken glass and the dumping of rubbish throughout its length. Ongoing problems exist with anti-social behaviour particularly at the walkway at Stanley’s Walk.


TRIAX NMT initiated discussions with the  Dept. for Regional Development who have responsibility for the Flyover itself. Other agencies involved include Derry City Council and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

Following an on site meeting with the DRD Minister Conor Murphy the NMT were given an undertaking that DRD would begin an environmental improvement scheme in the area.  This kick started other agencies to become involved in the scheme.


To date the NMT intervention has resulted in

  • NIHE upgrading the steps opposite the Gasyard Centre
  • NIHE maintenance and pruning of the undergrowth adjacent to the Flyover
  • NIHE closure of a anti-social hotspot at Durrow Park
  • DRD graffiti removal/clean-up Flyover
  • Derry City Council installation of Litter Bins

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