Welcome to the Triax website

Triax is the Neighbourhood Partnership Board for the Bogside, Brandywell, Creggan , Fountain and Bishop St area recognised by the North West Development Office of the Department for Social Development. Based at Iona Business Park, Southway, the Neighbourhood Renewal area comprises a population of some 17,300 people.

Triax brings together representatives of public, private and community & voluntary sector interests with 5 local Councillors Patricia Logue SF, Joe Miller (DUP),  Jim Clifford SDLP, Ann Donnelly SDLP and Gary Donnelly (IND). The remaining members comprise:

Gerry Quinn (Chairperson),  Eddie Doherty, Donna Mc Closkey, Joe Millar, Seamus Ward,  Conal McFeely , Colm Barton, Bronach McMonagle, Jeanette Warke, Teresa Bradley, Sean Barr, John Ferguson, Leanne Doherty,Seamus Heaney and Raymond Craig.

By working in partnership in this way, we intend to build the widest possible consensus around the main problems facing our area, the priority issues to be addressed and how best to deal with them. We also intend that local residents should have a real stake in turning their own neighbourhoods around.